Blaine’s insane.

In the best possible way.

First, he sent a bouquet of flowers to my office today. Which that and Paris would have been totally enough. Really. I’m not that picky.

But then I get home and he got me a few Duchamp ties. And THEN he told me to pick one because, hey, we’re going out to dinner at The Ledbury tonight! And it was divine. There were candles and I had a new tie and we held hands and shared a mille-feuille with mango, vanilla, and lime it was so cheesy and romantic and PERFECT.

We take a cab home and I expect the birthday celebrations to head towards the bedroom but NOOOO. Blaine whips out this gorgeous, GORGEOUS panoramic frame with our vows on either side and a picture from our first dance at our wedding in the middle and it’s gorgeous and pretty and I’m so, so, so lucky.

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#sigh #i take it all back #i love being 23

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